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Riverside Midwifery, LLC provides homebirth and well women services to the western Maryland, northern Virginia, and eastern West Virginia region within 60 minutes of Shepherdstown, WV. We believe in promoting the Mother's choice and the Midwifery Model of care. Email at riversidemidwifery@gmail.com


What we believe

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We believe that women have been created with the natural ability to carry and deliver their children with no intervention provided that her course of events is normal, and that the midwife respects and encourages this capability by being present as a supporter of the natural, normal process.
We believe that the experience of birthing at home uniquely emphasizes the natural capability and strength of the woman, and allows the experience to be wholly within the woman’s physical, emotional, and spiritual realm. The choice of home as the planned birthplace for women experiencing normal pregnancies under the care of a trained midwife is safe, fulfilling, and cost effective as increasingly shown in the evidence. Midwives and other health care providers should respect the needs and choices of women and recognize that just as medical birth is at times the situation that is best for the mother, so can be home birth, and that this choice should be available to all women. Birth choices must be placed back in the hands of the mother.
We believe that the midwife has the potential to impact the wellbeing of not only the woman she is caring for, but also of the woman’s family, community, and ultimately the culture at large. This potential means that midwives are in a position of tremendous responsibility. Professionalism, continual education, and a promotion of safe standards based on the best research are actions that recognize this responsibility.



Women. Children. Families.

Every woman has the right to informed choice based on unbiased information, and that she should have as much control as possible in determining her care. At Riverside Midwifery we believe that every woman as an autonomous individual must take responsibility for her choices. The midwife is a facilitator of the normal process and is responsible for providing safe, evidence based care including evidence-based,non-intervention and alternative practices. If a woman’s needs or choices fall outside the safety and scope of the midwife’s practice, collaboration and referral to other health care providers including physicians is the responsible course of action. Safekeeping of all aspects of the woman’s wellbeing should be the motivation for any action of the midwife.

Riverside Midwifery offers the women in our community the chance to experience the birth of their children in a personal, loving, glorious, and lifechanging way, in the comfort and warmth of their own  home, without sacrificing safety and evidenced based care by a responsible provider

We believe that the profession of midwifery is essential to the development of women as healthy, self-respecting and respected individuals recognized throughout their life for their irreplaceable capabilities.

Midwives believe in women, and are with women for life.

“Giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear”

~ Jane Weideman

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Counties served include Jefferson, Berkeley, and Morgan counties of WV, Clarke, and Loudoun counties of VA, Washington, Frederick, and Allegany counties in Maryland, and border areas. Please contact us to find out if we are able to come to your area.